Sunday, 22 June 2014

Just Randomness

Hello People,

Anyone still around?

I know I know I have been away from the blogging (and virtual) world since ages....but now I am back!
For better or worse? Never mind :)

I have been super unorganised busy in the real world, but lets not even get into those details :).

In other news, D's language and vocabulary skills have been improving by leaps and bounds. He talks nineteen to a dozen, repeating every single thing that is spoken around him. This has prompted our friends to nickname him The Talking Tom!!!

He usually speaks English, thinks Malayalam sounds funny 8-| and uses anglicized Hindi to say something cool. Like slapping me on the back and saying, "Kya mere bhai, kaise ho?" or
 When he sees me doing mundane household chores, he will applaud and say, "Arrey wah Amma Arrey wah!!!" /:)

Improvements seem to be the order of the day in the D household, as my cooking skills are getting much better. I atleast have one New Year resolution right on track []--- B-)
God bless all the food bloggers :)

D will be starting playschool soon and I am super excited and nervous at the same time.
Excited that he will have a friend circle of his own...hopefully!
Nervous about how he will adjust to the new environment, or if he will adjust at all....
Over the last couple of months he has become all the more clingy and refuses to go to any other family member, apart from DD and me!

My first choice for a playschool was a prominent chain, mainly because their branch is bang opposite my house. After interviewing them, I dropped them from the list. Among a few other reasons, the most important one was regarding the food menu. The lady there insisted that they encouraged only healthy eating, so no junk food is allowed. Me Happy :). Then I referred to their chart. Apparently, they consider bread pakoda and pav bhaji healthy food! I politely explained that my son does not eat bread/pav, besides bread pakoda is not all healthy.(I mean bread slices stuffed with potato filling and deep fried, with the bread soaking up all the oil.....oh come on). I asked if I could send fruits or some other healthy snacks instead.

The lady's reply: "If you deviate from the daily chart, we will send a note in the calendar"...Hain???

I thanked her and ran left, never to look back again :D

We finally got D enrolled in a local playschool, that is highly reputed and recommended by parents in the area. Not very close to my place, but the best one here, nevertheless. Atleast they seem to have the right approach to educating and interacting with toddlers.

Now I am keeping my fingers crossed while D begins his journey into a new world....