Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Bit Of Shopping And A New Toy For D

Went shopping for a few knick knacks yesterday and tagged D along.

At the crafts store, I asked the store guy for an embroidery ring and few other things. He kept the embroidery ring on the counter and went get the other stuff. By the time he came back, D's cap was lying on the counter and  the ring on the brat's head. :P

I entered a shop selling kiddie stuff to buy D's baby lotion. Again, he perched himself on the counter, helped himself to a few packets of squeaky bath toys.
When it was time to go, he tells me, "Amma, please keep the packet there" and then proceeded to put back the toys himself!!! :D
I asked him, "Do you want any of these toys, D?" 
His reply, "No, it is not working"
Apparently one of the toys did not squeak, when he pressed them!!! :))

This, by the way, is D's new (ferocious looking) doggy soft toy that DD bought him yesterday. You see the brat is not a fan of cute and cuddly toys. Everything has to look realistic! Reason why he does not even look at all the other soft toys that he already has! :-S