Saturday, 5 July 2014

First Days At Playschool

The last couple of weeks have been so so chaotic. #:-S

D has finally started with his playschool, but my problems only seem to be beginning. Yes, I need all the luck that was bestowed upon me in the last post :-S

The first week they had a mother-toddler session to familiarise the child with the school and teachers, mommy in tow. And guess what? The initial two days D just wouldn't let go of me! He insisted that I only carry him while all the activities were going on. In fact he was the only kid who was crying! :-O

Thereafter, he agreed to get down and play but I had to strictly stay in his range of vision. /:)
There was more to come. The following week, we parents were instructed to leave the kids in school and wait outside.

I never imagined there would come a day when I wouldn't be able to identify my baby's cries.But that day came and how! :-O Standing outside, we could just hear 25 kids screaming and wailing in unison, unable to guess which voice belonged to whom..... :-/

Totally heartbreaking =((

Over the next few days the collective degree of crying and screaming gradually subsided. However, entries into the school are still tearful. D wakes up every morning saying that he wants to go to school. He imitates the teachers and sings the songs taught there. Overall he seems to be pretty excited about attending school but as soon as we reach the gate, the tantrums and struggles begin all over again.... '@^@|||

Did you face a similar situation when your kids were starting school? Do share your experiences and yeah also coping tips in the comments section below :)