I Am...

 A Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend. My relationships define me.

Professionally, I am an ex-corporate trainer turned SATH Mom, admiring people who can manage both roles with elan.
And here, I am grappling with one :).
Believe me, teaching banking concepts to bored executives is way easier than potty training a bratty two year old! 

So would I have it any other way? NO, NAY, NEVER! 

Oh! The joys of motherhood....

I LOVE: Sewing, DIY and Books, especially the kiddie stuff (I am looking at you Mr Potter!)

A budding cook with some hits and lots of misses :D

On this blog I'll share my parenting experiences, experiments in the kitchen, Stitching and DIY tutorials, besides, snippets from my life.

You can contact me at: zippingthroughlife@gmail.com