Saturday, 22 February 2014

Games We Play - Supermarket

Like most kids, D gets bored of his toys quite easily. So yours truly needs to invent new games every now and then. After a few trips to the market (with D) recently, I came up this new game :)

What you need:

An assortment of your kid's toys or even a few household items will do
A carry bag
A kid :D

Arrange all the toys at little distance from each other. You can even pair items based on colour, size, shape, etc. eg: (Blue rings together, square blocks together, etc.)

Ask your kid to bring each toy/item as per your instruction only and put it into the bag. If he/she is old enough to carry a bag full of toys, you can simply give them the bag and ask to pick out the items and put it into the bag. Do this till all the toys are in the bag.

Apart from keeping the little one entertained and busy, it also helps them recognise objects by their names and increases vocabulary.
You can also ask them to pick out objects based on the colour. A fun way to teach them colours :)
You could also play the same game using mock/real fruits and vegetables.

When asking D to bring me an object, I also tell him why I want it. e.g.: Spoon to eat, the lotion to apply on my skin, etc. It teaches him the use of each object.

You can make your own variations and have a fun, educational bonding session with your kid.
Additionally, the Supermarket game can also be used to get the brats to clear up their toys :P

D loves this game so much, that we end up playing it at least 4-5 times a day :)


So what games do you play with your little one?
If you can think of a better version of Supermarket game, don't forget to share it are always looking for something new :)