Monday, 30 December 2013

Of Spiderman and Mysore pak

D's Dad (DD) bought home a tiny little Spiderman toy the other day.
You know the kind which you throw on the wall and it comes rolling down?
D was pretty amused by it but too scared to touch it.
My sis C worried that he might grow up with some deep rooted fear issues......but we (the parents) knew better.

Then one day it happened....

The brat mustered up the courage to lay his hands on the toy and this is how Spidey ended up:

Talk of killing your fears (literally)!!! :)

These days he is kind of obsessed with Spiderman.
As soon as he wakes up, he wants to see "Spydan photu" (Spiderman's photo) on the pc.
He won't eat a morsel of food until he sees the pics and yeah these have to be constantly changed...."MORE!", he demands :D

Our Reward: The cute faces he makes in mock horror..

Makes me wonder whether he is scared of the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman or is he trying to scare us! :P
D doesn't have a sweet tooth, atleast not yet. Thank God for that.
One of the rare sweets that he loves, is homemade Mysore Pak (made by yours truly) B-)
Nano Pak is what he calls it. Had some after dinner yesterday.

At night he tossed around in his sleep saying, "Amma Nano Pak, Amma Nano Pak...more"

What, atleast someone appreciates my cooking ;;)


  1. Hahaha :D Kids are so cute and innocent :) Creating a blog to rant about your kid is a great idea, I should probably start one when the time arrives (which might not be for the next few years :P) ;)

    1. Hey Ghayu,
      Kids are adorable indeed :)
      Blogs are a wonderful way to record those sweet memories that age and time might fade away, do give it a shot :)