Saturday, 11 January 2014

Cooking In Chilly Winters - Blogathon Post 11

Brrrrr....that's how cold it is here. The climate is almost like that of a hill station. 
In fact one of our friends just returned from Matheran and declared that it isn't even half as cold there! 
I have been trying out a few quick and easy recipes over the past couple of days. 
Made paneer bread rolls and aloo tikkis from this site and both turned out fab :)
Do check out her site. She has some awesome recpies.
Btw, D was the only one who didn't eat any of it. :(
He has very healthy (read boring) food habits. I credit my upbringing, but more importantly DD's genes for the brat's food choices. He usually avoids things that are fried (except for fish & wafers), sweet, bread, etc. He doesn't like cakes, ice creams, and most biscuits (except crackers or digestive ones)....hmmph
It is actually good, but that leaves me with very little scope for experimentation....hehehehe

Did you try out any new recpies this week?