Sunday, 19 January 2014

R's Birthday Party - Blogathon Post 19

As I mentioned earlier, R is the only one whom D acknowledges as a 'friend'. Btw, if you ask him his best friend's name it is only his "Abba" (DD). Don't ask me why he calls DD "Abba". I have no clue!
Since it was voluntary, we just let it be. :)

D was all excited about going "Ta Ta" to R's birthday. When we finally reached the venue he ran straight to the stage. Reason: The birthday banner had Spiderman pics :D
Soon enough, D and R were their usual selves and started fighting over the balloons. They even reached a point where they started pushing each other down. S and I had to literally tear them apart and keep them apart throughout the party!!! So much for their friendship.

As promised, D avoided the cake and stuck to eating the chicken. Sadly, for him, there were no wafers on the menu :) Guess, he will just have to wait it out until the next birthday party, because that is not something we stock at home.

There was an interesting magic show organised. While everyone enjoyed it thoroughly and laughed and clapped, D made sure that his appreciation reached the magician. He laughed and clapped loudly after everyone was quiet and he did this after every single trick!!!! This boy and his overacting :D

Once the music started playing, D perched himself on the stage and danced alone, while everyone else stuck to the dance floor. He came down to dance floor, only after he saw DD there :) Then he spent the rest of the evening dancing with his Abba.

On the way back home, he kept all our friend's entertained with his rendition of "Johnny Johnny" and constant chatter. Once home, he immediately dropped off to sleep. Tired of all the dancing, running, talking and of course laughing :)