Thursday, 20 March 2014

Shopping With The Kids

I am kind of terrified by the idea of taking along kids to the supermarket.
I have seen it happening to other parents....turn away for a moment and *crash!!!* a jar of expensive coffee lies shattered on the floor! Needless to say you have to pay up.

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In an another instance, the mom was checking out at the payment counter, when the sales guy pointed out to her that she also had to pay for the bar of chocolate that her kid was relishing. You see, the chocolate racks were strategically placed next to the payment counter (for a reason?)

The second one might seem like a small laughable incident, but what freaks me out is the thought of kids causing a bigger damage and parents having to pay up for it. Besides, the scenes that we are all too familiar with, kids throwing up tantrums demanding their favourite pack of cookies, chocolates, chips, etc. Some kids can be ''super helpful" though, they simply do their bit of shopping and add it to the cart! It is only at the check out that parent's discover the actual list of purchases...and then the drama unfolds.... ~X(

In our house, DD normally does all the grocery shopping alone and I only do the emergency purchases (like when we are running out of fruits). On some unavoidable occassions that I have to go to the supermarket with D, I try to keep him in the trolley cart most of the time. But now as he is growing up, he hates the idea and often tries to wriggle out :). It's good that he doesnt know recognise any brand yet nor is he fond of cookies or chocolates. The only thing that he demands are the fruits or cheese, and that we buy anyway. So I am spared the tantrums...atleast for now :).

Recently, we went out for lunch with my mom and sister and they decided to pick up some groceries from a nearby store. As usual, I took D around in the shopping cart. However, after a while, he got cranky and inisisted on getting down. I put him down with a stern warning that he was not to touch anything. For a change, he obeyed. He walked around the aisles looking at the racks (and one eye on me) 8-| but did not touch anything. He saw a boy, around 4 years old, picking up some biscuit packets from the shelf. The kid's mother was nowhere in sight. D immediately ran up to the boy, pulled him behind and said, "Don't touch, Amma told you!!!!" You should have seen the look on the child's face.....totally zapped!!! :|

Recently our dear friends S and Si went to a mall with their 2 year old son R and S's brother. They visited a home decor store. S instructed the wife to reign in the hyperactive kid and wifey did a pretty good job of it. As they turned to leave all the delicate artifacts were still intact #:-S .....then.....*crash*...that dreadful sound!!! They turned around and to their horror, a couple of vases lay shattered all over the
floor :-O. The shop assistants came running and within a matter of minutes, produced a bill of Rs 6000!
They paid up and left.

The culprit: the husband's thirty year old brother!!! =))