Sunday, 20 April 2014

Heartwarming Easter Moments :)

Happy Easter Everyone!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

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The Holy Week was one busy affair. The brat slept through most of the masses which IMO was much better than running around the church and chatting a dime a dozen during the service :D
Yeah, the only time he is quiet is when he is asleep ;P

We attended the Easter service today morning. D saw several kids running around the church compound and was eager to join them. I let him go, standing a few feet away.

He took a couple of steps and looked behind at me. I gestured him to go on.

He went ahead a bit and turned to look around again. I urged him to go on.

He soon joined the kids, laughing, running, jumping and playing with them. Now there was no looking back.

He tripped a couple of times and called out, "Amma!" He was relieved to see that I was right behind him to hold him. He smiled, dusted himself and got up and scampered away again, content to know that I was following him all along.

Was I hurt? Did I feel that tinge of sadness? Honestly NO!
Infact I was relieved to know that my lil baby was finally ready to move on...move ahead...

We are planning to put him in a playschool this June. My biggest concern was whether D would be ready for it, considering he won't even let me work in the kitchen if he is awake or his dad is not around #:-S

There was a group of tiny tots who had balloons. A kind old lady gave one to D too. A little boy, younger to D, already had a balloon with him. He came to take away D's too. Initially the brat refused, but later he gave in and let the boy have both the balloons O:-). A couple of  ladies (the little boy's mother included), actually came and patted him on the back. As a mother, my heart swelled with pride.

My baby is really growing up...well done D, we are so proud of you :-*

Leaving you all with a picture of my attempt at Easter Eggs. They turned out yummm!!! By next year I will hopefully learn to decorate them properly too ;)