Friday, 31 January 2014

Adieu Blogathon 2014 - Blogathon Post 31

Here, I am with the last post for Blogathon 2014 and I can't believe that I have actually done it - 1 post every day for the entire month! A big thank you to Maya for initiating and R's Mom for publicising the Blogathon (that's where I first read about it) :)

After procrastinating over it for a few months now, I finally started blogging on 29th Dec 2013. Then I read about the Blogathon 2014 on RM's blog and decided to take up the challenge. And what a challenge it was, especially for me, a new blogger. Initially, I was not sure that I would be able to do a post every single day. But, I am glad I did it because now I know that I can maintain my blog on a regular basis, if I just put my head to it :P.

Though I have been reading many blogs over the past two years, two that particularly stand out IMO are RM's blog and Peaches and Blush.

I love RM's blog for her funny, honest and nonchalant style of writing. She is a keen observer, add to that, the antics of the super cute and bright R :). This blog is a must read for me on a daily basis.

Peaches and Blush is a blog about makeup, beauty and bridal stuff, but what really keeps me hooked, is definitely Mehak's whacky sense of humour and funny little anecdotes. Besides, she keeps adding new, interesting and original features to her blog and that definitely sets it apart.

These two bloggers have been my biggest inspiration in the blogging world. Reading them always motivated me to start my own blog, but was never sure what I would write about. Now one month and 33 posts later, I am sitting here with some big plans for the blog....Keep watching this space for more :) That's the story of my blogging journey so far.

Do you follow any blogs? Who are your favourite bloggers?