Tuesday, 7 January 2014

D And The Baby - Blogathon Post 8

These days D is very attached to his doll. He calls her "Baby".
He carries her around, holding her by her plait *rolls eyes*
He keeps her next to him during mealtimes and asks me to feed "Baby" also (except if he is eating fish...that he won''t share with anyone!)
He makes her sit facing the window and tells her to watch the pigeons (yeah he loves watching pigeons, crows, squirrels, etc :) )
Today morning when we were playing throwball, he suddenly decided, he wants to play with "Only Baby,
Amma No!" He propped the doll on a small stool and threw the ball in her direction , all the while asking us to stay away!!!
When he was done playing with the doll, guess what he did? He hit the doll with the ball, knocking her off the stool!!! :-O
Made an innocent face and said "Ohhh, Baby down, aiyoooo!" and ran away....

The brat I tell you! >:)