Thursday, 9 January 2014

To Market, To Market - Blogathon Post 9

Mimi and me took D to the market today. Stepping anywhere out of the house, means "Going Ta-Ta" for D and there is nothing else in this world that can get him more excited. Just the mention of "Ta-Ta"and he starts running excitedly all over the house.
Once out, he happily waved out to all the shopkeepers who happened to look in his direction. He didn't even spare the mannequins!
While we were choosing the onions to buy, D decided that he wanted to help us. He started picking out onions from the pile and handing it over to Mimi O:-) (hope he remains as helpful even after growing up)

The next stop was his favourite - the fish market. He gets all excited when he sees the cats and little kittens strolling around the market and of course there is the fish....his favourite food item! :)
On the way back, a little kid ran past us in the opposite direction. D was so happy to see the boy, he turned around and started running behind the kid. I had no option but to carry and take him away #:-S
Mimi casually strolled into a clothes store, took a look around and came out. Before we knew it, D ran into the shop and started running about. When I tried  taking him out, he told me, loud and clear, "Amma Bhaag, Jaa Bhaag" (Amma go run away). This in front of all the shopkeepers!!! ~X(

Quite an experience for one outing! :D