Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Happy Birthday To Me :D - Blogathon Post 29

Lots of things happening on the personal front.
Yesterday FIL and Chacha-Chachi came back from their Kerala trip, banana chips, tea cakes and halwa in tow. D, true to his self, attcked the chips and spat the cake out 8-|
Made Paneer curry for lunch yesterday.Will post the recipe soon.

Today is my 34th Happy Happy Birthday :D

Somehow, I am just not getting that birthday feeling today, though the day is nearly over :(
A sign that I am getting old? However, mentally I feel like it is my 25th birthday or something. A sign of immaturity? many mixed feelings.

The biggest highlights of the day:

1) Celebrating with the family :)

2) D saying, "Happy Birthday To You!"

3) Chicken Biryani prepared by my mom....yummmm!!!!

4) Google wishing me, when I logged in, with this:

Ok, I know they do this for all the Google account users, but what the heck, it feels special anyway.
So, Thank You Google :)