Sunday, 12 January 2014

Meeting Up Friends - Blogathon Post 13

Thanks to the chilly winters, D sleeps through most of the day (he wakes up by 12 or 1 in the afternoon!) I just let him be coz once he starts playgroup in June, he anyway has to wake up a bit earlier. Let him enjoy till then :)

Had a super fun Sunday yesterday. As usual D woke up at noon and 5 min later one of DD's friends (M) walked in with his cute little 5 yr old daughter Athi. Now D really likes his M uncle and was thrilled to see them. After breakfast, he had fun pestering playing with Athi. The poor kid kept all the animal figures
standing and stacked up the building blocks. D waited for her to finish and then pushed everything down! ~X(
When it was time to say goodbye, D shyly whispered in my ear, "Athi nice" :)

In the evening, DD took us to another friend's house, who stays close to our place. That house is a favourite haunt of D's and mine. The friend's mom S aunty is someone whom I am very close to. Not to mention her cooking, which is to die for :) No prizes for guessing, D and I actually go to pig out on the food there :D. The brat didn't sit down for a minute and kept running around the whole house for the entire 3 hours that we were there! After munching on a lot of wafers, D ate rice and fish, while I feasted on Mutton curry, rotis and egg bhaji....totally yummmm :)

All in all a fab Sunday :)