Monday, 27 January 2014

Over the Weekend - Blogathon Post 27

This is how I spent my weekend:

1) Made Kerala style moong curry and dosas for breakfast. Turned out nice. After polishing it off, I realised I should have taken pictures and done a Recipe post for the blog....oops! Will make it again and then post :)

2) During the trip to the mall, my shoe got stuck in something. I tripped and almost fell over. While I managed to regain my balance, my handbag slipped from my shoulder and smacked D right in the face.....OUCH!!! What a careless, wicked mother am I? Really really sorry baby :(

3) Made the quick aloo tikkis again for tea time snacks, but it did not turn out as well as the last time :(
Note to self: Practice, Practice, Practice and Improve your cooking skills.

4) Visited DD's friend CS. His wife just returned from her mother's place with their 5 month old baby K. D showed more interest in this particular baby as compared to other babies in the recent past :)
K, the little cutie, in the other hand rewarded my silly noises with a big toothless grin and angrily grunted, demanding full attention, whenever I turned to D!!!

5) Since CS is from Karnataka, we got to taste the original Mysurpa and what a delight it was. Mysore Pak being one of D's favourite sweets, he ate almost half the piece, which is quite a lot IMO for his age.

Came back, had dinner, finished off the remaining puranpolis and curled up in bed :)

How was your weekend?