Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saturday Celebrations - Blogathon Post 26

Happy Republic Day to all of you :)

Warning: Really long post ahead

After all the planning, plotting and cancellations, we finally celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary in Mumbai only.....the weekend getaway can wait for another day :)

On Friday night, we decided that we would spend our anniversary at home, or so I thought! Come Saturday, post lunch, DD decided to take us to R-City Mall at Ghatkopar (so that was a surprise!).

D is always happy to go anywhere out of the house, even if it is the neighbour's house (like, we keep him in a jail or something!!!).

The first thing that struck me when we got out of Ghatkopar station was the fresh veggies that they were selling, like everywhere! I immediately decided that this is where I am going to do my real shopping on the way back!

The fun thing about taking D mall hopping is that he gets to indulge in his favourite hobby, running around aimlessly, albeit in a new environment :). (There are no malls close to where I live.) Then there is the Kids Playzone. Of course, he doesn't know anything about video games and stuff, but he enjoys taking turns sitting on the different ride-ons there. However, at home, he hardly ever looks at his own ride-on bike!

DD kept prodding me to check out the various apparel stores. That all of them were on sale, was an added bonus. But you know what, I think I have finally grown up and simply refused to look in the direction of anything that said "Women" (except the washroom of course :) ) Reason: My wardrobe is all ready bursting at the seams!!! No matter how many times I arrange and re-arrange my stuff, I can't manage to fit everything in my cupboard. Besides, I have a whole stash of fabrics, that I hope to finish stitching in this life time!

The brat got sooooo many clothes (mostly shirts, t-shirts and shorts) as gifts in the last two years, that we won't need to do any major shopping for him for at least another year or so!!! But he needs some full length trousers (he is outgrowing his current ones, FAST), so I decided instead to hunt for some good jeans/trousers for D.

Two thing that struck me were that:

1) There is a serious dearth of variety when it comes to boys clothing. Come on, you clothes manufacturers get creative!

2) Kids clothes, especially jeans and stuff are so damn expensive!!!

Finally got 2 really nice chinos for the brat, at Ruff Jeans for Rs 500 each! (since there was a 50% sale going on). However, the colours that I really liked at first were not available in his size (or rather the size that we wanted. We always buy one size up for him :D ). The colours that DD finally for were not bad either.

If you are a parent looking to buy jeans, trousers, chinos or corduroys for your kid, you must check out the sales at Ruff Jeans, Gini & Jony and UCB. No this is not a paid advert (though it sounds like one).
They have some pretty good stuff and good quality for Rs 500 - Rs 600.

We had an early dinner (as I was super hungry) at Urban Tadka. Love the ambience and the ethnic decor of the place. The food was great too.

After a loooonnnggggg fun session at the Playzone, we decided to check out a few more shops. DD finally bought a shirt for himself at Arrow and picked out a black cardigan for me too. When I saw the price tag Rs 1499, I almost had a heart attack. DD assured me that it was on a 50% discount....but then still Rs 700! I told him that I could get a black cardigan for half of that price even, at any local shop. That's when he reminded me, that this was Arrow, so there would be a difference in quality! (Yeah, Yeah I know I am a cheapo). I decided to shut up and simply accept this as an Anniversary gift....hihihi

After clicking loads of pics, we decided to call it a day.
By the time we reached the railway station, the vegetable vendors had already left :(
The only handful who were there, were selling huge bundles of fresh kotmir (coriander leaves) and since it was really cheap, I bought two!!!! (See I told you I was a cheapo :D).

Dinner at home were some yummy hot puranpolis with ghee and milk, that S Aunty had prepared and sent over in the morning, for our special day......Thank you S Aunty, they were simply delicious.

A sweet ending to a lovely fun filled day :)