Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Story Time With D - Blogathon Post 22

Until a while ago, D only liked listening to songs, but now he is developing a fondness for stories too. Everyday he tells me, "Amma tell story"
DM: "Which story do you want to hear?"
D: "Elephant Story, Chua (rat) story"

On some occasions he might settle for a lion or cat story too :)
However, there is a catch.
I have noticed that if I (try to) get too imaginative and narrate a 'proper' story, revolving only around the concerned animals, he is not interested...AT ALL!

He just gets up and runs away!!!!
Every single story that I narrate, has to have him and his Abba (DD) as the central characters. Sometimes, his friend R is allowed to be a character in the story!!!

Uffff....these kids and their demands!

He wants a story while eating, while having his glass of milk, while sitting on the potty, etc. I must admit though that he is a kind soul and doesn't mind me telling him the same Elephant-Chua story 5 times a day :D
So, atleast for now I am spared the task of cooking up a 100 new stories starring the animals. D, DD and R.

Thank God for small mercies, eh?