Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Most Boring Chore of All - Blogathon Post 23

I love anything, the house, the bathroom, the cupboard...anything and everything. That I can't do it as often as I would like to (with D around), is something that irks me a LOT. Blame it on my poor time management skills :(. However the one aspect related to cleaning that I absolutely HATE is washing clothes :(

No don't get me wrong, I like the clothes to be all nice and clean.
It is just that I hate doing the laundry. Why?

1) It is time consuming

2) It is strenuous - I wash clothes by hand. Call me crazy but I somehow feel that the washing machine does not clean the clothes that well!

3) When pressed for time (and the laundry piles up), I am forced to use the machine, but to pull it to the bathroom and go through the whole process, is a task in itself. I feel like I can finish it faster if I do it by hand.....but the volume scares me :D

Then why do I still do the laundry myself.....2 reasons:

1) The clothes turn out cleaner.

2) It is great exercise!!! :)

Since a girl's got to do what she's  got to I go to finish my laundry before it piles up again : )

So what chore do enjoy the least?