Thursday, 23 January 2014

Strawberries, Papaya and Some D-Dhamaka - Blogathon Post 24

Fed up of all the apples, bananas and chickoos that he has been eating, D gave DD his wish list.

D: Go market, bring bobebby (strawberry!), papaya.

DD: Ok and what else do you want?

D: Only bobebby and papaya. NOTTHHING ELSE!!! (this said with eyes wide, fingers pointed and stress on the last two words). Dal mo mont, Sambhar mo mont (Don't want)

DD: What about (raw) banana curry?

D: Aiyeeee....chi chi chi (to express his dislike!!!)
True to his word, DD bought home the fruits in the evening.D tasted one strawberry and it turned out a little sour. He turns to me, puts the strawberry in my mouth and lovingly says,

D: Amma nice, bobebby eat