Friday, 17 January 2014

The Naming Ceremony - Blogathon Post 17

DD's cousin recently delivered a baby boy and yesterday we attended the child's naming ceremony.

It was interesting to note how:
1) Almost all the snacks served, contained banana as the main ingredient: banana chips, pazhampodi, unni appams and of course, banana chunks.....needless to say I devoured all of them :D

2) The older male generation discussed mostly politics and the property in their 'naatils' (native place).

3) While the women confined themselves either to the kitchen or the room where the baby was sleeping.

As for me, well with D running all over the place, I really did not have much choice, but to keep running behind him. :) This particular house being on the ground floor of the building and the door was open all the time, D did not miss a single chance to run out of the building! In fact, we spent so much time in the building compound instead of the house, that D actually made friends with a group of kids (of varying ages) from the neighbourhood! One girl also offered to take him around the building on her cycle....and D being D refused to get down even after 4 rounds :) (Note to self: Get him a proper cycle on his 2nd birthday).

All the playing and running left him tired and he finally took a two-hour nap. Oh how I miss being a kid. They can go to sleep anytime, anywhere and yet not offend anyone :). He woke up just in time for lunch, which by the way was yummy chicken biryani. D loves eating chicken, so getting him to finish his meal was a breeze :)
I was really impressed when some of the men in the family volunteered to serve the food, even to the women. Maybe it's no big deal, but then it's not something that I have seen in too many communities.
In between all the hustle-bustle, D and I managed to sneak out to Ash baby's house, which was in the vicinity. D played with her (rather her toy dog) for some time and then we sneaked back in and pretended that nothing happened :D

This has been one eventful week and it's not yet over.....R's birthday party coming up over the weekend :)