Thursday, 16 January 2014

D an R - Blogathon Post 16

D and I went to visit some very close family friends who just arrived from their native place, Kerala (S and Si). Their son R is just 2 months older than D and the only one whom D acknowledges as a “friend”. Their (not so) “friendly” encounters though, deserve a separate blog post altogether! 

R was napping when we reached there. So D enjoyed the undivided attention of the parents – S and Si, the grandparents, et al and boy, does he enjoy being the centre of attention! He impressed everyone with his rendition of “Johnny, Johnny” and “Happy Birthday”, though only after Si bribed him with some banana chips! *rolls eyes*

R has this ride on toy car and D a blue bike. They both hardly ever sit on their respective vehicles and keep fighting for over each others toys! Today, since R was asleep, D didn't face any opposition :)
However, there was anew challenge, the ride on car requires it to be maneuvered with the feet. But since D couldn't manage it, guess what he did? He simply stood up and drove the car walking!!!!

Every now and then, D ran to wake up R, but Si and I successfully managed to pull him away.When R finally woke up,  guess what......they both simply refused to look at each other till we left!!!