Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Of Birthday Parties and Sankrant Festivities - Blogathon Post 15

D had a very socially active day yesterday. Started the day celebrating an aunt's birthday. D got to eat his favourite wafers :). Not something we encourage regularly, but birthdays and other special occasions are exceptions. He was not at all interested in the cake!

Since DD had a holiday, in the evening we visited S Aunty's house again as it was Makar Sankranti and we wanted to wish them. No points for guessing that we also went there to feast on those awesome til gud laddoos that she prepares :D. The cherry (rather strawberry) on the cake was that we met another aunty there, who brought along some of her delicious strawberry cake
for us to sample :D....Totally Yummmm!!!!
D, as usual, kept running all around the house when he was not munching on diet chivda (he doesn't like sweets!)

Then we bought a cake and went to one of our friend's house as it was his daughter's (Ash)  third birthday.
D was so excited about the cake cutting. He stayed put next to the cake as if he was guarding it. After the cake cutting, he ate a whole slice of cake, though he is not fond of it at all. Kids can be so unpredictable. Or maybe he was just hungry. He enjoyed playing with Ash and the other little kids there.

Then we all trudged along to yet another friend's place to see his newborn baby. Actually the baby is 5 months old, just that D and I hadn't visited them before ;) Initially D was excited to see the baby and even called out the baby's name. But he soon lost interest and got back to doing what he does best.....running all over the place!!!

While leaving, DD asked D to say good-bye to everyone.

D: "Bye bye, D mumming (coming) soon haan..."

Back home. Had dinner and D dozed off soon after. Tired of all the running, I guess ;)

So did you guys celebrate Sankranti/Uttrayan/Pongal?