Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Year That Was And Some D-Dhamaka - Blogathon Post 2

Dear 2013,

I know I am saying this again, but I am relieved to see the back of you.
You sauntered in with not one but two health scares for my baby X(
Then there was the loss of two very dear family members, all this resulting in loads of stress and super distressing moments. :(

But I do not blame you entirely for being such a drab year. I could have done better in handling people, relationships and finances. We live, we learn, eh? :-?

There were a few Yays too:

1) Planning and celebrating D's first birthday, complete with a jungle theme, et al (he loves animals) was fun <:-P
2) D started walking --- FINALLY!!! #:-S
3) Some of my school buddies got married this year and me got a chance to catch up with the gang.
(Note to Self: Need to do this more often. Catching up with friends that is, not, getting married :)))
4) Celebrating Christmas with the family :)
All in all you were a pretty drab year and I am so hoping that 2014 turns out better. :)



Leaving you with some D-Dhamakas....

D is done playing with his toys, throws them away, gives a menacing side glance, points fingers and declares, "Toys jaa bhaag, mat aa, idhar mat aa"! (Toys run away, don't come back here!) :|

On Christmas morning, D unwraps one of his gifts and starts playing, ignoring the other box.
DM: D, you did not open the other box, whom is that gift for?
D (without looking up): For R (his friend)

Totally in the Christmas spirit, you see :)

D sits up on the bed, strokes my head and says, "Amma nice, "Abba (his dad) nice, Mimi (grandma) nice, C (my sis) nice, R nice, doggy nice, horse nice, etc, etc...." you get the drift?
Me thinking: All this at 2:30 am, is not so nice :))