Friday, 3 January 2014

That Fuzzy Feeling - Blogathon Post 3

I love Winters!

What the heck, I was born in winter - January to be precise. My husband (DD) was born in winter and so was Jesus Christ! (Wow, I have something in common with Jesus, eh?) :D

It is that time of the year, when everything seems just right - cool, pleasant and Christmassy.
Yes, I love Christmas. For me winters are synonymous with Christmas and my birthday (grow up DM it is not your first birthday!).

Tis the season that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and conjures up images of cozy family get togethers, Xmas trees & decorations, setting up the Crib with C, hot coffee, freshly baked cakes, white winter wonderland, snowflakes and snowmen (the last three only in pics and movies :) ) and of course Santa Claus! What, I believe in  Santa Claus. :)

Coming up at the end of the year, winters are also a time for nostalgia. The year that went by and many before that. It brings up memories of lovely Christmasses spent in Goa, with the entire extended family. Those looooong walks with the cousins, early in the morning, on coconut tree lined paths, running through the paddy fields. Our laughter and loud chatter filling the air. Midnight mass at the village church, the door-to-door carol singing, dancing, chatting, teasing and laughing away till 4 in the morning. Waking up to dining tables groaning under the weight of hearty Goan lunches, eating away and making merry......

I cling to cherish these memories all the more, because many of those who helped create these special moments have left us over the years, for a happier place up there.

Another big big reason why I love winters is that living in Mumbai you don't have much choice.
Mumbai has only 2 real seasons - Summer and it mostly hot and humid or wet!
Let's not even talk about the scorching summers here.

As for the rains, yeah I generally do enjoy the rains.
You know like, when I am sitting in my balcony with a plate of bhajiyas and all. I also like getting drenched in the rain, but that's only till I look at the sky.
When you look at the ground, its a completely different story....potholes, overflowing gutters, waterlogging....ewwww!!! Its worse for people who have to commute to work, drenched and then squeezed like sardines in a tin, in our crowded local trains. That's the only time of the year I am happy that I quit my job :)