Saturday, 4 January 2014

D - Coding The Language - Blogathon Post 4

If you ever happen to get into a conversation with the brat, this list should serve as a ready reckoner :)

Bibaff - Giraffe
Beebaa - Zebra
Bo Berry - Strawberry
Kong - Song

Chit - Sit
Santa Tos - Santa Clause
Memove - Remove
Chooz - Shoes
Akan - Uncle
Mumming - Coming


While watching his nursery rhyme videos.....

 - D wants to watch a Santa Claus video. The video takes time buffering and D is losing his patience. He gestures to the screen and says, "Santa Tos, aaja aaja, jaldi aaja!" (Santa Claus come quickly!)

- A little while later he tells me to play the "wife bumping" song.
I almost fall off my chair and ask him again what he wants to watch. He repeats, "wife bumping, wife bumping, wife bumping!!!"
By now D is irritated. So I ask him to act out the words and he starts pumping his arms up and down like a monkey. Realisation dawns on me. He wants to watch....
'Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed'!!!! :))