Sunday, 5 January 2014

Who/What Completes You? - Blogathon Post 6

I would be incomplete without.....

My Mother: who has taught me everything in life, someone whom I aspire to be like and yet can never become....cause I am no saint >:)

My Husband: whom I share everything with. Irrespective of whether he is paying attention or not, I tell him every single thing about my day. :)

My Sis: She being the elder one, I have never known life without her. We talk, we fight, we laugh, we cry, we gossip.....but we are always together, irrespective of the geographical distance.

My Son D: The most important aspect of my life. Today he defines who I am. I simple can't imagine my life without him ever!

A bottle of water: Make that 10 bottles actually! Yeah, that's how much water I gulp throughout the seriously!!!
I do not know whether its good or bad for health, but yeah I just cannot live without water.
If I see a bottle of water in front of me, I have to take a sip, even if I am not thirsty! :P
Live without food...maybe, Water .....NO.....runs to sip some more :D

My Ponytail: What???!!! Yes you read it right, my Ponytail. It has been my signature hairdo (I like the sound of that :) ) since time immemorial.

The Colour Blue: It is the colour that dominates my wardrobe and anything else that I select. It took tremendous amount of willpower to not paint my blog yet >:)

My life IS incomplete without....

My Father: The one person who has inspired, motivated and guided me throughout my life....until he passed away. I think that is one big reason why all my ambitions and zest for life suddenly took a backseat......

What/who completes or defines your life?