Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Of Cows, Prayers and Some D-Dhamaka

He is not yet two and D can tell a:

Hippo from a Rhino (ok I know adults who mix up the two!)

Tiger from a Leopard

Lizzard (even the monitor lizzard) from a Crocodile


While crossing the road the other day, D saw a cow and screamed, "Amma Rhino, Rhino!!!!" :-O

Well, blame it on me. After dogs and cats, I should have taught D about cows, before venturing into the more exotic variety :)


Last night, D saw a picture of Jesus and joined his hands to pray. He kept muttering something under his breath and even attempted the sign of the cross. Trying to encourage him to pray, I said:

DM: D you can ask Jesus for whatever you want, so what do you want?

D: Jesus, All chickoo khatam (finish), please chickoo give =))

The chickoos in the house were over, hence the prayer. This guy has very specific requests, eh?