Thursday, 13 February 2014

Who This/ What Is This?

D is at a stage where he is very curious about everything.

While browsing through photographs of family and friends, he goes, "Who this, who this?", every time he sees someone whose name he does not know :).


If he comes across an object that he does not know, he will ask, "What is this?" (in a sing song voice)

The other day, he was pointing out all the fruits that he knew, in his picture book. Those that were unfamiliar to him, were greeted with the usual, "What is this?" and I told him the names.
After sometime, he was going through the book alone, when I heard him muttering to himself, 

"What is this? .....Watermelon" 
"What is this? .....Pum (Plum)"
"What is this? .....Peech (Peach)"

Answering it himself! :|


He saw some bottles of Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc. in a shop and went, 

D: "Amma, what is this?"
DM: "Coco Cola, Pepsi Cola"

To see if he recollected, a few minutes later I asked him, 

DM: "D what is this?"
D: "Coco Co Lalala, Pepichi Co Lalala, Papaya Co Lalala (the last one was invented by D, he loves his fruits, you see :) )