Sunday, 9 February 2014

Get Together With The Cousins

Last night, we had our cousins and their families over for dinner.
Since the last one week he was pretty excited when I told him that they would be coming (he didn't have any clue who they were, but was excited anyway : ) ). Now D was meeting them almost after a year and obviously didn't recognise them.

So first, my younger nephew P entered. D got so scared on seeing a new face in the house, he started crying bitterly!!! Then came my BIL and the rest of the family followed one after another. D was besides himself and the started bawling. He was sooooo scared that I had to take him to the kitchen for a good 10 minutes to calm him down!

Utimately, we had to invoke Yo Yo Honey Singh to break the ice!!!  8-|

There was a a music awards show going on, on TV and Honey Singh came on stage to perform. Hearing his current favourites 'Lungi Dance' and 'Party All Night', D mometarily ignored the guests and started swaying to the catchy tunes. Of course, one eye remained firmly on the visitors, lest they try to come near him. Only after he got loud cheers from them, D finally agreed to shake hands and greet the guests!  #:-s

Soon he was his usual self, dancing, chatting and being the in house entertainer for the evening.
It is always fun catching up with cousins. They are the ones who have seen and accepted you through your most awkward moments in life. My cousin (brother) R is especially a delight to be with. Always full of life and blessed with a fabulous sense of humour. Of course D was the most scared of him, thanks to cousin R's loud voice and laughter. But once R started teaching him a few dance steps, D let go of all his inhibitions :)

Mom prepared a yummy dinner of pulav and chicken curry. D had an early dinner, yet he perched himself on P's lap and helped himself to some more chicken from his plate. When they were leaving, the brat simply refused to let go of P and then started bawling because they were going!!! 8-|

All in all it was a super fun family get togther :-bd