Sunday, 9 February 2014

Conversations With Himself - D-Dhamaka!

D climbs up on the table in the corner, perches himself on a shelf, ear to the wall,

"Kaun aaya, kaun aaya? (Who's come?)

Answering it himself,

"M aaya, M aaya" (M is one of his uncles)

Runs to the door and pretends to open it. Obviously there is no one there.
Returns and takes position again....This time...

"Kaun aaya, kaun aaya?"
"Abba aaya, Abba aaya" (Abba - DD)  :|


While I am cooking, D walks around the kitchen, half bent over, muttering something under his breath. It sounds suspiciously like, "Ditch o man, ditch o man"

I ask him what he is doing. He laughs and he repeats the act.
Suddenly it dawns on me. He is imitating the old man in the nursery rhyme,
"This old man" :D


I ask D to sing a song (it usually is one of his nursery rhymes, albeit, with some words missing)

He sways from side to side, a finger of each hand pointing heavenwards and sings,

"Paani Paani, Sunny, Sunny, Sunny Sunny Paani!!!!!" :-o
He heard this at a recent birthday party!!!

I ask him to sing another one and he goes,

"Party Night Party Night!!!!!" (Party All Night) /:)

Yo Yo Honey Singh is really capturing this kid's imagination!!!! ~X(