Monday, 3 March 2014

Lets Pack Up

The room is littered with toys to the extent that there is no way you can put your foot down without stepping on to something and going...OUCH!!!

DM: D, Let's put away the toys now, it is time to sleep.

D: Noooo!!!!

DM: It is late, I am going to sleep.

D: Amma sleep, D not sleeping, only playing...Amma jaa bhaag!!!!! (jaa bhaag = get lost) ~X(

DM scratches her head and tries to think out of the bag box :-?
Eureka moment strikes!!!

DM to Mimi (my mom): Mimi let's fill the toys in the bag. Only Amma and Mimi, D noooooo!!!

D feeling challenged: Only D filling the toys.

DM: D don't touch the toys now.

Here, the brat jumps right in and quickly starts picking up the toys and packing up his bag.
DM surveys the cleared up room....

End Result B-)

This is a scene that is repeated everyday in the D household and has worked successfully, this far :D